a Christ-centered education for each child


God’s Word

Instruction in the Word of God happens daily in each classroom. We follow the Christ Light Curriculum with alternating Old Testament and New Testament years of study. We also have a Hymnology class in each room that provides students a chance to study our Lutheran Hymns each week. Upper grade students receive instruction in our Lutheran Doctrine through Catechism classes with teachers and pastors. Finally, each student has a chance to worship together in chapel each week. God’s Word is the center of all we do!

Language Arts

TSL has a comprehensive Language Arts program starting with the pre-reading skills in preschool! We use the Superkids curriculum in the primary grades, and work up to novel units in the upper grades. For grammar instruction, we use the Shurley English Curriculum. Each teacher also places an emphasis on handwriting, spelling, and writing in each room.


TSL uses the Saxon Math Curriculum in grades K-8. This curriculum uses a spiral review format so all students are constantly reviewing the concepts learned throughout the year. In addition, teachers supplement this curriculum with other activities and resources to promote critical thinking skills. We differentiate our math rooms so students are placed in a math room that will be just right for their math growth!


TSL uses many different resources to teach about God’s created world through Science. Students in the primary grades are introduced to the concepts of science. In the upper grades, students are taken through Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science as they learn all these aspects in light of God’s Word.

Social Studies

TSL teaches the early concepts of Social studies such as families, communities, and cultures in the primary grades. Early American and World history is taught along with Wisconsin State history in the middle grades. Upper grade students look more in depth at World History and US History as the study God’s story of the World!

Phy Ed

TSL’s Physical Education curriculum starts in preschool through movement. As students progress through the PE curriculum at TSL, they learn about fitness, gross motor skills, and developing a healthy lifestyle through sports in the upper grades.


Music is a large part of the curriculum at TSL. All students sing and have music theory education. Piano lessons are offered for students in grades 2-8. Band is offered to students in grades 5-8 along with a more formal choir in the upper grades.


Students have 1-1 Chromebooks in grades 3-8. Technology is meant to supplement the curriculum and provide opportunities for students to extend and showcase their learning.


If you have any questions about the Curriculum at TSL, give us a call today! We are happy to talk with you about how TSL’s Christ centered education is right for you!

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